OLMA is one of the largest and most traditional agricultural fairs in Switzerland. It gives a fantastic insight to the Swiss countryside life (Switzerland like you know it from children's books and post cards). The fair consists of various exhibitions and tasting halls, where you can taste typical food, locally brewed beer or local wine. The legendary OLMA Bratwurst for example, is one of the best Swiss sausages (you may have already tried a Bratwurst here in Zurich, but trust me: it's not the same.)

WHEN: 20th of October, 12 o’clock – open end

WHERE: St. Gallen, Olma Areal

MEETING POINT: will be announced soon


With ESN Card: 5 CHF

Without ESN Card: 10 CHF


Train ticket: (not included)

Full price: 46.- CHF

With ½ fare travel card. 23.- CHF 


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Pictures by: https://pixabay.com

20/10/2017 - 12:00
5 CHF (10 CHF without ESNcard)
What's included: 
  • OLMA Ticket