Rules of ESN Winterthur

  • During our events, masks have to be worn at all times. 
    • Exceptions only apply when explicitly told by the organizer.
  • We will provide hand sanitizers where necessary. 
  • You are not allowed to attend an event if you feel sick or if you had contact with someone who might be infected with the coronavirus.
  • People who belong to the high-risk group are not recommended to attend our events. 
  • We advise installing the contact tracing app (direct link further below).
  • You are obliged to inform us if you test positive and if you attended an ESN event in the past 10 days. . 

Not following our rules can be followed by exclusion from our events without any refund.

Current measures of the State

Make sure you follow these rules as you can face fines up to 200.- CHF!


What do I do when I feel sick?

  • For questions, you can contact a doctor at the free number from swiss networks: 0800 33 66 55

The newest and important information can be found under the following link:​


      We recommend installing the contact tracing app


      Helpful links:

      Government information:
      Information on Canton Zürich:
      General information about what is happening in Switzerland: