Link to Join ESN Winterthur server:

Download and install Discord app

Create Account

Fill in your information and click continue:

After this you will be logged in on Discord in your browser. However we suggest you download the Discord app as the performance is much better.

Verify your e-mail

Sign in to discord on your computer using your just created account:

  1. open discord
  2. enter your just created user and click "login"

Join ESN Winterthur server

Go to:

Click on "Accept invite"

Allow your browser to open the app to automatically join the server:

or if you insist on using discord in the browser click cancel and then on "continue to Discord".

You will now see the server:

Read the welcome message and follow the instructions there.

After you've accepted the rules you will see many more channels, which you can join to chat or talk:

Join hobby channels

Click on the "list-of-hobbies" channel. There you'll see a list with all the hobbies you can join.

To join a community you can click on the icons below to join them.

A new channel with people having the same hobbies will appear: