Wanna test your limits when it comes to dexterity and strength? We have the perfect event for you: join us climbing in the outskirts of winterthur. You don't need any experience - we will quickly introduce you into the basics. So nothing stands in your way competing against your friends on the various climbing-routes! :D

When: 10th of november, at 18:00 at Winti Train Station

Where: meet at 18:00 at Winterthur train station (in front of the big staris / timetable)

Price: with ESN Card: 5CHF without ESN Card: 10CHF

payment: with cash

→ bus ticket to 'Winterthur Töss' (~3CHF) is not included

Specific measures for event

You need a valid covid-certificate in order to enter the climbing hall.

10/11/2021 - 18:00