Welcome to the greatest city in Switzerland (after Winterthur of course :-)): Zurich. In this tour we'll walk around the core of this beautiful city (so bring your most comfortable shoes), while telling you about some Fun Facts as well as the best spots to visit in Zurich. At the end of the tour you'll feel like a real Zurich local. After that we'll get some food and go to a cool bar for some drinks.

Please bring a mask and a Covid Certificate/negative Covid Test (also make sure, that your certificate is valid in Switzerland). At the beginning of the tour we will check for everyones certificate.


All the cool spots in the center of Zurich


At 14:30 we are going to meet under the big, fat angel hanging in the main hall of Zurich main station.

(For anyone without a pass, we recommend the 9 - Uhr - Tagespass.)


Free with esn card

without esn card: 5 CHF

For information about the event please contact Louis, 079 950 52 74.

10/10/2021 - 00:00 to 23:45