ESN Switzerland is happy and proud to announce a new partnership for the coming semester: FLIXBUS!

FlixBus is a European long distance mobility provider and a brand of the FlixMobility group. Since 2013, FlixBuses have offered a new, convenient and green way to travel which suits every budget. Thanks to a smart business model and an innovative technology, the startup has established Europe’s largest intercity bus network in less than four years.

200,000 daily connections to 1,400 destinations in 26 countries (DE, CH, AT, FR, IT, NL, BE, LU, CZ, SK, SI, HR, HU, UA, RO, BIH, MNE, SRB, MKD, PL, DK, SE, NO, ES, PRT, UK); Domestic networks in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia and Czech Republic.

FlixBus is offering ESN Switzerland 1 VOUCHER OF 10% PER SEMESTER PER STUDENT!

Happy Travels!