Terms and conditions of participation

1. Scope of application

The present general conditions regulate participation in the events and activities organized by the Erasmus Student Network Winterthur (ESN Winterthur).

2. Registration 

2.1. Mandatory nature of registration and related modalities

Registration is mandatory for participation in all activities indicated that are organized by ESN Winterthur. One can only register in advance on  ESN Winterthur website (ESN Winterthur).
The participation fees are to be paid at the beginning of the event if not stated differently inside the event information.

2.2. Cancellation policy

To prevent people reserving spots through registration we have a 48h cancellation policy. 
If you're signed up for an Event you can still cancel until 48h before the Event. After that you will have to pay the fee of the Event even if you do not attend it. 
In cases where you might get sick or an unexpected event occurs let us know as soon as possible and we will assess the case individually. 

3. Refusal of registration or exclusion from participation

In case of inappropriate behavior, ESN Winterthur reserves a right to refuse to register the person concerned for an event, or exclude him/her from participating at an event. Such exclusion does not entitle a right of the person concerned to a reimbursement of the event registration fee.

4. Modification or cancellation by ESN Winterthur

ESN Winterthur reserves a right to modify the program of an event or cancel an event entirely. In case of a cancellation, the registered participants will be informed 24 hours before the supposed event at the latest. The registration fees are reimbursed only under the condition that ESN Winterthur is reimbursed as well for the costs incurred in event organization.